Ep3 Logistics of a debt free community & crap

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Logistics of a debt free community

-What do you live in?
- Some bathroom options
- Outhouse
- Black water tank
- Port-a-potty
- Septic system / leech bed
-$2-$8K based on home advisor
- Composting toilet
- Electric 110v heater & fan
- Flushable (sun-mar) $1-$1.5K
- Non flushable (lets go green.com)
- Homemade
- Lime
- Saw dust
- Pete moss
- Let sit for 1-2 yrs then fertilize a tree
- Handling waste
- always bacteria
- not on food plants
- What to flush with
- Grey/potable water
- bog potties on more space
- positive/ negative of different options
-save water
-reduce waste stream
-compost makes waste 10-30% of original size
-cheaply destroy pathogens
-keep it from flies, mic/rats & ppl
-composting process & challenges
- continuous (always adding more to heap)
- batch (55 gal drum left to 'cure'
- http://www.nesc.wvu.edu/pdf/ww/publications/eti/comp_toil_tech.pdf
- well ventilated to remove odor & moisture
- the leftovers can be gross if improper installation occurs or may just smell bad in general
- Temp needs to stay high
- moisture must stay 40%-70% optimally 60%
- urinating in a separate tub best
- too much nitrogen
- wood chips & saw dust beat for aeration
- mechanical stirring may be required
-batching may be best w/ vents on side of compost can & fins on inside to help w/ mixing
- recycling nutrients
- more crap:
Jill Stein of Green Party wants WI recount
For purpose of mitigating fraud

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