Ep 7 Jan 11 2017

51 mins by Building Community |

- 1765-01-11 Frisia bans Voltaires "Traité sur la tolérance" http://bit.ly/2iSWyGn

- Life hacks
- Rub walnut on dinged wood
- Filter spam by "unsubscribe"
- Tie extension cord ends together
- Need a charger at the hotel? Back of the TV
- Don't have a long grill lighter on hand? Spaghetti noodle!
- Right to free health care? http://bit.ly/2iSVRNi
-Does anyone really understand what a “RIGHT” actually is and what it implies?
- Ron Paul blasts Obama over his awards from Nobel to Pentagon because of his 8 yr term being 100% at war.
- More government BS. in Tampa, FL.
- Coffee & bagels require a permit to donate to homeless!
- Anti-vaccination??? http://amzn.to/2i8o6ZT
-How about an open-minded debate.
- POTENTIAL measles comeback... 9% increase in 1 yr
- Surprise, government wants to mandate it (just more PR)
- Antibiotics killing you? http://bit.ly/2iT43NL

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