Ep 5 January 9 2017

42 mins by Building Community |

-Green Beret came from Scottish Army training school during WW2.
-Banging your head against a wall
-Pick your battles

- Life hacks
- tennis ball to hold everything (hooks suck)
- wet towel around beer in freezer
- clothing hanger clips
- got tiny nails? Clothes pin
- ladies only (put $$ in lady product pack)
- seed starters - cardboard egg crates
- http://www.boredpanda.com/life-hacks/

-Jack Ass government, big surprise there
-Another perfect example of reasons to pursue a more Libertarian government

- Cancer is a real killer
-Change your life, you can have a say in it, but it's not easy
- Rates down for 91' peak
- 2% decrease in contraction by men/yr same for women
- 1.5% decrease in death rate over past decade
- More than qtr of all cancer deaths, lung
- Breathing in CRAP all the time
- Lung, colorectal, prostate, and breast cancers leading death causes
- Colorectal cancer up 2% in young people
-Eat better!!!
- High level of antioxidants (Michael Colgan's book http://www.colganinstitute.com/store/p4/Nutrition_For_Champions.html)
- http://amzn.to/2iXmfIw

- Use the stuff you have to value people, instead of using people to value stuff

- Good people do good things, no matter what.
- We don't need government to make us do good things. http://bit.ly/2iSe9Ar
- Over 2K pair of socks last years
- 4 friends helping make total of 10K in past 5 years
- innovation is VITAL

- Government sucks
- You can do it, but learn the basics first

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