Ep 22 Feb 1 2017 Oklahoma

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Ep 22 Feb 1 2017

Today in History:
In 1851, evaporated milk was invented by Gail Borden.
In 1911, Thomas Jennings was found guilty with the first use of fingerprint evidence in the U.S. He was convicted at the Criminal Court of Cook County for killing Clarence B. Hiller. Upon appeal, 21 Dec 1911, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled the evidence was admissible. Two months later, Jennings was executed on 16 Feb 1912.
Hand-held calculator
In 1972, the first scientific hand-held calculator was introduced for $395 by Hewlett- Packard, named the HP-35 for having 35 keys. It was the first hand-held calculator able to perform logarithmic and trigonometric functions with one keystroke. The red LED display could give scientific notation up to 10 digits mantissa and 2 digits exponent. The price was reduced several times, eventually to $195. By Feb 1975 (when production of the model was discontinued), 300,000 had been sold. The numbers and functions for calculations were entered in “Reverse Polish Notation”(RPN), which used an “ENTER” key but needed no parentheses or “=” key. It ran on rechargeable batteries and had electronics with several integrated circuits in a 3.1" x 5.8" x 1.4" case. http://bit.ly/2jyJ1rc

State: Oklahoma
# Days Sunshine 231 /205 http://bit.ly/2kV0Eyn
Grow zones 6A - 7A Approx 200 days of grow season +/- panhandle or south
Precipitation 63 days / 36.5” rain / 6.3” snow OKC & East, good to go
Population density #35 56.1 ppl/mile
Largest city - OKC
How many over 50K - 11-12
Median Household Income - $40-$50K
Demographics - ¾ white, ¼ everyone else. Some mix, better than other states.
Red or Blue - Close, but a little more red in 2017
850K D - 989K R - 4K L - 316K I - 2.1M Total
State tax burden #40
Overall citizen tax burden
Income tax 5% of income goes to state/local gov
Property tax burden #21 quite reasonable @ .87% because of low home values
Wallethub.com - GO CHECK IT OUT!
Recommended housing type - Earth Bermed, upside down cereal bowl
NO MOBILE tiny houses
State spending - $36.2B/yr $180B GDP/ 17.8B debt
Commodity based economy
Welfare spending - $ 1.8B/yr
Property rights #6 Very light regs
Zoning laws and building codes - Depends on area, stay out of the city
Eminent domain - No restraining laws, not a good thing
Gun laws - #27 Need license to open or conceal carry handgun.
Shall issue state.
Overall not too bad.
Schools #10 in education freedom. Home & private schools are mostly unregulated.
Overall Pollution - Pretty crappy water, good air thanks to a lot of wind
Farming and food laws
Farmers markets require a license for ANYONE
Way too many rules for a startup homestead or farm
Baked goods and honey can be sold from home, if under $20K/yr w/ no license
Can sell raw milk on farm, incl. Up to 100 gal raw goat milk/mo
Cost of living 10%-20% below US average

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