Ep 21 Jan 31 2017 New Hampshire

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Ep 21 Jan 31 2017

Today in History:
In 1893, Thomas A. Edison was issued U.S. two patents. One was for the "Art of Generating Electricity" (No. 490,953) which described a cell made with positive and negative electrodes in a heated chamber containing dry chemicals which is exhausted to the point that gases generated in the reaction become good conductors of electricity. The other patent concerned the "Manufacture of Carbon Filaments for Electric Lamps" (No. 490,954). This described taking slips of fibrous vegetable material, such as bamboo, to be heated in a suitable furnace until partially carbonized, then soaked for several hours in sugar syrup to fill the pores with more carboniferous material before reheating until completely carbonized.

State: New Hampshire
# Days Sunshine 198/205
Grow zones 3B - 6A
Precipitation 127 days / 47” rain / 70” snow
Population density #21 148 ppl/sq mi - 1.3 mil (2015)
Largest city - Manchester
How many over 10K - 21
Demographics Mostly white, not much for diversity.
Red or Blue - Little more red, but almost half “undeclared” 279K - 305K - 403K (988K)
State tax burden #44 close to last (#7 for biz)
Overall citizen tax burden
Income tax NONE 5% on dividends & interest
Property tax burden #2 Highest (1.99% of home value)
State spending - $12.5 B/yr ($9.7 B debt state & local, but going down)
Welfare spending - $1B/yr
Property rights
Zoning laws and building codes - “one of the four worst states in the country for residential building restrictions”
Eminent domain - EXCELLENT
Gun laws - #5
Schools overall #8 More $/student $13K over US avg (Common Core)
Pollution - Air is bad toward Boston, but improves farther north & Western border
Farming and food laws
Raw milk ok w/ signage
Homestead food production under $20K kind of restrictive
Nano brewery ok $240/yr license & .30/gal tax by 10th of every mo
Can sell rabbit & poultry to restaurants with some provisions like labeling. Minor licensing reqd
Cost of living 117, higher than avg, thanks to housing/prop taxes

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