Ep 20 Jan 30 2017

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Ep 20 Jan 30 2017

Today in History:
In 1950, development of the hydrogen fusion bomb (H-bomb) was ordered by U.S. President Truman. The codename of "Super" for the project reflected the far greater power of this thermonuclear device over the earlier fission bombs used to end WW II.

Good things happening to & for good people
Old widower gets a fishing pal, this is why we need community https://yhoo.it/2klARl4

Thank god for government
Low cost health care, in the U.S. really? http://ti.me/2klKq3L

Maybe somebody finally got a clue?
News doesn’t care about the news? http://bit.ly/2klJRqF
There is a very real market for tiny houses. http://bit.ly/2klUMRd

Government is corrupt???
All the governments are corrupt, how bad is yours? http://bit.ly/2klTFkd

Food, grow it & eat it!
Slugs and snails are among garden pests that hate ash if you add it around plants.
Putting ash on an ant colony will force them to relocate, as they can’t move the ash.
Putting ash in the corners of your house or in dark spots of your basement will deter mice, rats, cockroaches, and other nuisance animals.
Ash can be used to melt ice with its high salt content.

Mosque got terrorist attacked? http://bbc.in/2klQjxU
Relocation Starting state by state, across the entire U.S. tomorrow.

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